Do It Wrong Quickly

 Do It Wrong Quickly                by Mike Moran

Do It Wrong Quickly Case Study Contest

"Do it wrong quickly" is about experimentation, about trying new things and admitting you might be wrong. If you are, then try something else. I'm collecting case studies from those who were able to do it wrong quickly—and it worked. Where they took a risk, tried something small, and figured out it was wrong and did something else, or saw it was right and kept making it better. If you've got a success story, I'd love to pass it along to others.

Tell the story. Give us the context and narrate the blow-by-blow. If you can quote statistics to back your success, so much the better. You're responsible for what you write, not me, but all stories (not just the winners) may be published for public viewing and comment. No real names are needed in your public story itself and you can remain anonymous. So sharpen your pencils and tell us about that new idea. Let everyone know why this way is the new way to success.

Win a book. Each month, I'll choose the best case study to win a free copy of my new book, Do It Wrong Quickly, when it is published later this year. (Employees of my company, IBM, are not eligible to win, not because IBM has anything to do with this—they don't—but because I don't want anyone to question my impartiality in choosing the winner.)

Create your entry. by the last weekday of this month. Just make sure it contains a catchy title and your story—I may use the first paragraph as the teaser. (Due to volume of entries, I may throw away incomplete entries.) I'll pick the winner early next month, and my decision is final. I'm looking for the best-written stories and the best possible outcomes from the best behavior. You know you've got one you're dying to share. Send it to me today.

More Case Studies

If you're wondering what we're looking for, we've just started compiling a few Do It Wrong Quickly case studies. Submit yours—you may see it added to the list.

Get the Book

Do It Wrong Quickly book cover

No, you don't do it wrong on purpose. But admit it. Your marketing campaigns aren't perfect—nobody's are.

If you can accept the fact that most of what we try is wrong, then it makes sense to have your Plan B ready.

And when do you use Plan B? When your customers tell you to. If you listen to what they say and watch what they do, they'll let you know how far off you are.

And then you change it. Fast. You try something else. It might work or it might not, but if you keep trying, something will. It sounds simple, but it's the way Amazon, eBay and others create their successful experiences. You can do it, too.